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Writing Workshops and you, the writer

There is a bit of a kerfuffle going on in the writing community about the privilege of attending Clarion and a tweet from Neil Gaiman. It was a silly hyperbolic tweet about the value of going to Clarion. It was called … Continue reading

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Addicted to Subs

With Apologies to Mr. Robert Palmer, and slushers everywhere: Your laptops on, but you’re not home Your mind is not your own Your hands sweat, your keys grind Another story, and you’ll be fine You can’t sleep, you can’t eat … Continue reading

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The weirdest photo I have ever taken


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Airports are purgatory

What is it about airports? They are such uncomfortable spaces. A permanent space for the transitory souls of the modern world. Still going. -Seamus

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Good morning

At least I hope it will be. So far the sky is with me. -Seamus

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By the pricking of my thumbs

Readers, Something wicked this way comes… I make it no secret that Autumn is my favorite season.  I measure the year from my Birthday to Saint Patrick’s day as the good part of the year, and the rest being a … Continue reading

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I said hello, hello, I’m Johnny Cash

Just a drive by music post.  Damn, damn, damn I love this song. Alabama3 is a fascinating band, and it suits me.   -Seamus

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