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The weirdest photo I have ever taken


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O’ Tannenbaum

  Christmas trees are funny things, no matter how many times I look at the parts that bring them together, there is no point at which the eventual whole is visible to me, or that the breath-taking beauty of such … Continue reading

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Good morning

At least I hope it will be. So far the sky is with me. -Seamus

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By the pricking of my thumbs

Readers, Something wicked this way comes… I make it no secret that Autumn is my favorite season.  I measure the year from my Birthday to Saint Patrick’s day as the good part of the year, and the rest being a … Continue reading

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I said hello, hello, I’m Johnny Cash

Just a drive by music post.  Damn, damn, damn I love this song. Alabama3 is a fascinating band, and it suits me.   -Seamus

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In field of grass, auto’s light crawls A field of cars in noble cause. On desert wind, a hint of dust the sun beyond the eve of dusk. All friends gathered, under pale night anxiously wait, sound and light. Into … Continue reading

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My home town

As much as I hate the summer heat, I love my home town. Just beautiful. -Seamus  

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