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I still live

And snark…

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And on this day

Dear readers, Nothing was a surprise, few were fooled, and for those few who were, it was not an unusual state of being on this, or any other day. The jaded cynic in us sneered in loathing of the paltry, … Continue reading

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Readers, It turns out lightly mocking your friend who has 10,000 page views a month on their blog, and then in turn being link saladed (is that even a thing?) in said blog, turns into a LOT of people coming … Continue reading

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If the real world was like the world in my head

Readers, For those of you who are writers, which is a few, wouldn’t it be nice if publications would supply reasons for a rejection?  Of course, I know why they don’t, limited time, volume of submissions, complexity of the effort, … Continue reading

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Much needed levity

Readers, While I sit here in the airport, discovering my flight is delayed. I find myself in need of amusement. It is, as I have pointed out earlier, a rather sad day.  Which is a bit emotionally jarring compared to how … Continue reading

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Tonight, due to Illness

No, not really.  I’m no sicker now than I am any other day of the week. You know… not right in the head?   That being said, I don’t have much to say. Off to critique a story, and more … Continue reading

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Love is

Baking chocolate chip, banana muffins for your wife and children even though you are dieting and cannot eat them.  And since I cannot have them, neither can you internet.  But you can look on in muffin lust. You wish you … Continue reading

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