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I wanted to wait until I had the certificate in hand

But I just can’t. I found out today, my story, “A Simple Wager” was given honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest for Q1.  While this is not winning the Kentucky Derby, it is the first prize I … Continue reading

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It’s the hour of the wolf and I don’t want to die…

Greetings, What have I been doing you ask?  Well let me tell you, one of the things you can guess quiet easily.  I have been a very naughty blogger, in that I simply have not been doing it.  But before … Continue reading

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A Strange Anniversary

Greetings, On October 14th, 2009 . . . I had an epiphany. You will need some back story to make sense of this, please play along at home. Earlier that summer a friend, Dave Wolverton came to dinner at my … Continue reading

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