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If you find yourself in need of inspriation This soundtrack will carry you across the pages like a horse at full gallop as the steady drum beat and strings wring the words out of you.  -Seamus

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Bonnie thinks you should writing

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Star Wars preamble in Ermagerdian

Readers,   I am quite deep into a ton of life, (all good) and writing, (argh!) at the moment. Thus I give you: ERMAGERD! STERWERS: ER NER HERP ERT ERS A PERERD ERF CERVERL WER RERBERL SPERCERSHERPS, STRERKIN FRERM A … Continue reading

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Good day, good night

Wandering day star in Western sky, my thoughts a shadows length behind. Dusk points the way, long steps, far into tomorrow’s night. What secrets do you hold to dread and delight? O’ liminal, linear, luminous time, unfold for me once … Continue reading

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Say Yes,

Say yes and forever say tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, but never without you and with leaps and strides and into these arms, with golden thoughts and secret bowers and stolen kisses and lingering touches, for those who miss it … Continue reading

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Readers, It turns out lightly mocking your friend who has 10,000 page views a month on their blog, and then in turn being link saladed (is that even a thing?) in said blog, turns into a LOT of people coming … Continue reading

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Jay Lake, separated at birth?

Jay, buddy. I am not sure how to break it to you, but I think you might have a long, lost twin brother out there. Or am I just crazy? -Seamus

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