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Say Yes,

Say yes and forever say tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, but never without you and with leaps and strides and into these arms, with golden thoughts and secret bowers and stolen kisses and lingering touches, for those who miss it … Continue reading

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In field of grass, auto’s light crawls A field of cars in noble cause. On desert wind, a hint of dust the sun beyond the eve of dusk. All friends gathered, under pale night anxiously wait, sound and light. Into … Continue reading

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Zombie Limerick

I once met a lady quite rotten, Whose eyes were the color of cotton. She writhed and she moaned, and her embrace was quite prone, to leave your brains ill-gotten. -Seamus

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Searching for inspiration

Greetings, Last week I posted a song in response to a post by Miranda Suri about what turns you on to write. I struggled with what song to pick, more than a few came to mind.  I thought it might … Continue reading

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Pandora, I adore ya…

1.  I sit here this morning working at the Daye Jobbe, processing through spreadsheets and figuring out some fiddly bit work things.  This would normally be tedious, but today Pandora has decided that it would deliver pure candy-coated, nostalgic joy to me. … Continue reading

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