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Paradise Lost III & shrubbery

Readers, I know some of you follow other sources of social media from me, so apologize the duplication. For those who only follow me here.  I wanted to let everyone know that Paradise Lost III is open for registration.  We … Continue reading

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Moving the goal posts

Readers, You may or may not pay attention to the count down over here Which is the dingle in reference to my current novel, Project Mirror. If you are observant, you might have noticed the count down shifted from meer days, to … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

Readers, O’ Readers!  You fine-looking, smart, well-read, musically gifted, eloquent and personable lot of folks who deign to frequent my blog thing.  I give you, The Next Big Thing. Nicky Drayden tagged me in her Next Big Thing blog post … Continue reading

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Where’s Seamaldo?

Readers, Why, I am right here. I just have had one hell of a couple of months. Both for good and challenging reasons. So why break the silence of my summer hermitage from the blogosphere? Well, I guess I am … Continue reading

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Signs and portents

Greetings readers, I have a whole mixed bag of things to talk to you about.  How shall I order them?  Hmms, let us begin with a status update to the Summer of Stupidity. What have I been writing since we … Continue reading

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Project Mirror

Readers, The new novel, project mirror, continues at a steady pace. Another 2500 words last night on the draft as well as some edits and stream lining. I am not sure if I am going to make my Summer of … Continue reading

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