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Dance Upon Sand

Readers, My story, “Dance Upon Sand,” is now available in the summers issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.  This is the second sale to this publication, (THANKS GUYS!) and the continuation of the previous story of Ordwin the mercenary. If you are … Continue reading

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Signs and portents

Greetings readers, I have a whole mixed bag of things to talk to you about.  How shall I order them?  Hmms, let us begin with a status update to the Summer of Stupidity. What have I been writing since we … Continue reading

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Words, glorious words

After waffling, procrastinating and otherwise dragging around like a mopey teenager about starting this third novella, I can safely say, slightly over 2k words were written tonight. It is a huge ass talking-head scene, which might get cut, or at … Continue reading

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Being a creator…

Readers, I need to have a preaching to the choir moment. Being someone who creates is sometimes one of the most powerful, moving and enriching experiences a person can have. This is true if you make music, pottery, draw, paint, … Continue reading

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A good day

Readers, Now that I have tortured you with the unattainable muffins of Tantalus, I will regale you with tales of my literary prowess. Yes, I am being the arrogant jerk, Ho, ho, ho. I blame my mustache. This weekend has been a good … Continue reading

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Writing is awesome

And that is a wrap on the first revision of this novelette, at 8,240 words.  It is off to a second reader for feedback. I am feeling good about the story. -Seamus

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Words, words, words

Readers, Welcome to Friday. I stayed up too late working on a revision to a novelette which has kept my attention when my goal was drafting a new novel. There are good reasons for this which I will talk about later. … Continue reading

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